Monday, September 21, 2009

Emerging markets better developed nations in stock

Robust growth in India and China has helped to pull the markets up and thus the stocks in these countries outshine the rest of the developed nations during the year 2009. But there is a bad news for these two countries as per the report of “Survive and Prosper – Emerging Markets in the Global Recession” which predicts that these two economies would contract in the later part of this year.

Another report says that with the exception of Eastern Europe, the emerging market economies fare better than the developed countries which are definitely a silver lining in the offing. The report further adds that emerging Asian Tigers including India will remain the favorite investment destination in the years to come. Asian markets figured in the top ten list of the preferred destinations among the non-BRIC countries which is inimical to the growth of the stocks in the Eastern Europe.

The market movement in India and China showed that there is a degree of independence from developed economies as far as stock growth in concerned but the GDP gap between the developed and emerging nations remained at about 6 percentage which shows that there is a certain degree of dependence. But there is no second opinion in that the emerging markets support the global profitability. Global companies which had their branch office in emerging nations reported brisk business even during recession compared to that located in developed nations.

However, the investors are prepared to stay the course and are of the opinion that the investment from emerging markets would be better in the long run and the wait would be worthy.

Stocks on low ahead of Fed meet

Most of the markets remained closed on Monday due to holidays and the investors are keenly watching about the moves of the Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke whose reported remarks about the recession in the US as ‘likely over’ which helped the stocks to move northward during the past week. The Dow Jones industrial and Standard and Poor’s 500 index went down by 0.6 per cent in early trading.